Luke Cage Showrunner Compares His Cast to Original James Bond Actors

If you haven’t watched Luke Cage yet, you have barely a week left to do so; at the end of February, all the original Marvel series are leaving Netflix, including Luke CageJessica Jones, and Daredevil. Whether they’ll turn up on Hulu or Disney+ is anyone’s guess, but more than a few of us are trying to hurry through a rewatch—including Luke Cage‘s showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker, who gathered some of his thoughts into a Twitter thread yesterday. The songs he wishes he’d gotten to use, the joy of writing for the cast, and the way running the show was like overseeing the first James Bond—Coker has a lot to say (and might keep going with additional commentary).

It’s telling, if not surprising, that the original showrunner for one of these series doesn’t even know what’s happening with it; as he says, it’s Marvel’s, and he has no control. But there’s a lot of joy in following along while he appreciates the work everyone put into Luke Cage:

Coker shares his thoughts on the series’ directors, what he learned from working on Southland, and a lot more—including some musing on whether he might create a podcast or video series with his own commentary for the show. And he keeps coming back to a deep respect for the actors who created these roles for TV, comparing them to the original Bond cast—they might get replaced down the line, but Coker knows he had something special:

Luke Cage is on Netflix through February 28th.


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