The 100’s Bellarke, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley, Finally Unite On Screen in I’ll Be Watching

To the disappointment of more than a few fans of The 100, the relationship between Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor, above) and Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) never crossed over into a romance—at least not onscreen. Though the two characters were close for years and years on the show, their connection remained platonic until the end, when Bellamy met a deeply unsatisfying fate.

But the two actors (who are married in real life) have a new project, and this time, they’re definitely a couple—a married one. In I’ll Be Watching, which is now shooting in Atlanta, Taylor plays a woman “trapped in her isolated new home who becomes caught in a fight for survival,” according to Deadline. Morley plays her tech expert husband, who presumably isn’t home when the drama goes down.

The film’s script is by Sara Sometti Michaels, whose credits include working as a producer on a lot of TV movies, and Elisa Manzini, who has mostly written short films. Taylor and co-star David Keith (Hawaii Five-O) are executive producing, but Deadline’s piece is curiously unclear about who might be directing the film.

But the draw is clear: Clarke and Bellamy, together again! Both actors have laid somewhat low since the end of The 100 (pictured above), though Morley was in an episode of The Rookie and appeared in the Australian series Love Me.

(For the record, I’m team Clarke and Bellamy, Absolute Pinnacle of Best Friendships.)


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