The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Reveals Everyone’s… Hands

For good or ill, the releasing of character posters has been a thing for a while now. Studios and networks need social media content, y’know? And a detailed peek at a character’s costume can be quite telling.

But Prime Video has taken that to a whole new level with the releasing of… characters’ hands posters.

Some of these are very cool and hint at details about the series, and some less so. Wanna play a guessing game? Silmarillion readers, this is probably your time to shine!

(You’ll want to click to embiggen these images, as the previews cut off some of the important details!)

Either this is a hobbit, or they grow really big blackberries in Middle-Earth.

Big beard, big hammer. We know a dwarf when we see one.

Does the gold dust imply this person is involved in the forging of the Rings?

That’s quite a nice staff you’ve got there. (You’ll want to look closely at the top of this one.)

Very lush robes, very fancy scroll.

This is the coolest armor? There’s a face hidden among the leaves? I’m extremely into it? Someone tell me who this is so I can make them my favorite character already.

Something very bad happened to this very elaborate sword. (Or wait, is that a wizard staff?)

Gonna go out on a limb here and guess that a person with a horse-shaped sword hilt might come from Rohan.

This scroll is considerably less fancy than the one above. Is it a map? Are those trees or runes under their fingers?

Again, either they grow acorns real big or this person is rather small.

We’ve seen armor like this before.

It’s kind of nice to see a splash of color.

Everything about this fancy armor is extremely cool.

Tell me the apple didn’t make you think of Denethor’s dinner.

This one looks friendly.

I would have thought this was an intense walking stick, but the descriptive text calls it “a primitive farm implement of some sort.”

Everyone’s hands are either very dirty or pristinely clean.

Sailor vibes? Sailor vibes.

Acorns, blackberries, an apple, and now a flower.

This person is holding a book, but against the red dress it kind of looks like a clutch.

Everything here is deeply ostentatious.

That… that’s a lot of rings.

An interesting contrast of implement and outfit, here.

So, who are these characters? You’ve got plenty of time to theorize before The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premieres on September 2nd.


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