Good Night, Sanity. Saul at Night Trailer Gives Us Look at What Happens When You’re the Only One Awake, Forever

Ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel like you’re the only one awake in the world? If you’re Saul (Kentucker Audley) in Saul at Night, that’s your entire reality. And based on the trailer for the debut film by Cory Santilli, things can get real weird real fast.

The trailer, which you can check out above, shows Saul trying to connect with his sleeping wife and daughter. (I’m not sure why he can’t quietly wake them up to say hello, but I’m sure the movie provides some hand-wavy explanation that most likely involves drugs.)

It turns out, however, that Saul isn’t the only one up a night—he stumbles across a French-speaking woman who is also up in the nighttime, which shakes everything up. The movie seems like an intimate one, more focused on exploring human nature than hard sci-fi elements, and it’s certainly something different than the typical sci-fi thriller larger studios put out, which isn’t a bad thing (not that there’s anything wrong with a good sci-fi thriller!)

Here’s the movie’s official synopsis:

As a result of a bizarre experiment, Saul Capgras is forced to become acclimated to a life of isolation at night, while the rest of the city is restricted to sleep and a mandated curfew. Saul is the only person left awake at night, and, while still living with his wife and daughter, he must discover inventive ways to experience their lives.

In addition to Audley, Saul at Night stars Suzanne Clément, Stephanie Ellis, and Acadia Colan. It was written by Daniel Miska and is distributed by Utopia. The movie is now available for purchase on Apple TV and Altavod.


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