The Full Trailer for Moon Knight is Here!

The first full trailer for Moon Knight is here, just in time for the first full moon of 2022!

Nice job, Marvel.

Moon Knight’s origin story definitely leans more anti-hero than typical superhero: Marc Spector was a CIA agent and a Marine who lives with multiple personality disorder and works as a mercenary. When he’s murdered during a gig, he is seemingly brought back to life by Khonshu, an Egyptian God of the Moon. As an added bonus, he gets superpowers, and gets to figure out how to balance his regular life with a superhero career, while also coping with various mental issues—and presumably trauma from, you know, being dead.

The version of Marc we meet in this trailer genuinely seems to be unstuck in time, with no idea who he is, or, often, why he’s doing whatever he’s doing. Oscar Isaac is Marc/Moon Knight, his fellow Paul-Schrader-existential-masterpiece alum Ethan Hawke is a David Koresh-like villain who wants Marc to “embrace chaos”—that always goes well—it all looks cool as hell, I’m hoping for the best, it has to be better than what they did to Oscar on X-Men: Apocalypse.

And a long as you’re here: have a poster!


UPDATE! We’ve been gifted an adorable trailer reaction from messrs. Isaac and Hawke—thrill as Oscar Isaac mocks his own Oliver Twist-y accent!


Can we watch the whole show with these two? Moon Knight hits Disney+ on March 30th!


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