Do You Want to Ride a Sandworm? Javier Bardem Does

I mean, who wouldn’t want to ride a sandworm? But in case there was any doubt about the matter, actor Javier Bardem—who plays the Freman leader Stilgar in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune adaptation—has confirmed that he’d love to ride a worm all day long.

“The only thing I’m asking is that I get to ride a sandworm,” Bardem told Deadline when asked if there was anything he was looking forward to in filming Dune Part II. “Denis told me he’s going to try to make that happen. That does happen in the book, by the way. Stilgar teaches Paul [Atreides] how to take the desert power, which is to domesticate those huge animals in order to use their force, their strength, and their huge size against the Harkonnen. Hopefully, that will happen.”

We have over a year until we find out whether Bardem gets the sandworm ride of his dreams in Dune Part II. In the meantime, however, there are plenty of Dune-related endeavors we can do, such as (re)read the books and/or (re)watch Villeneuve’s Dune Part I and/or David Lynch’s Dune adaptation.

Thanks to Deadline, we can also get our eyeballs on the screenplay for Villeneuve’s adaptation, which was penned by Villeneuve, Jon Spaihts, and Eric Roth. “To me, Dune is a psychological thriller, an adventure, a war movie, a coming-of-age movie. It’s even a love story,” Villeneuve told Deadline. Read the pages of the script and decide for yourself whether Villeneuve, Spaihts, and Roth captured the essence of Dune that has made it the sci-fi classic that it is.


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