Naomi Joins The CW’s Superhero Lineup Tonight

The newest addition to The CW’s DC Comics lineup is a Superman-obsessed teenager who just might have powers of her own. Naomi, based on the character created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell, debuts tonight—but first, here’s one last trailer which shows a little more of Naomi’s world than previous peeks did.

Naomi (Kaci Walfall) lives in a Pacific Northwest town and has normal teenager problems, like crushes and school, and also the fact that her Superman fansite is only the third most popular such site in the world. Her Superman fascination reaches a strange peak when the Man of Steel supposedly appears in her town—but Naomi misses it, having simply fainted. When the Super-stories don’t seem to add up, Naomi and her friends want to find out what really happened.

The latest trailer mixes flirting and friendship with the strangely garbled tale of Superman’s supposed mission in Naomi’s hometown, suggesting that Naomi will struggle with her own version of every young superhero’s dilemma: Who am I, what am I doing, and how the heck do I have a normal life amid all this super-wildness?

Naomi was developed by Ava DuVernay and former Arrow writer and producer Jill Blankenship, who serves as as showrunner. “When we meet Naomi, she’s a regular girl who is basically leaving life,” Blankenship told Entertainment Weekly. “We are, on the course of Season 1, taking her on this journey where she’s really experiencing these struggles and these highs and these lows as many teenagers do, just told in a heightened way.”

The series joins The CW’s ever-shifting lineup of DC Comics shows, though it’s not entirely clear yet whether it will cross over with the rest of the gang. (But it will, right? They always do.) Starting tonight, Naomi and Superman & Lois air Tuesday nights, with Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman on Wednesdays. The Flash and Stargirl return later in the spring.


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