Hawkeye Behind-the-Scenes Clip Confirms That Pizza Dog Is The Best Doggo On and Off-Screen

Want more of the best character in Marvel’s Hawkeye series? No, I’m not talking about Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) or Hawkeye himself (Jeremy Renner). I’m talking, of course, about Lucky the Pizza Dog, the very best doggo who snagged a slice off the table.

This short featurette reveals that Lucky is played by a real-life golden retriever named Jolt. Not only did Jolt shoot all her scenes in person (no stand-ins for this dog!), she also performed all of her own stunts.

“For Lucky’s performance, Lucky was 100% the real dog at all times,” Hawkeye VFX Supervisor Greg Steele shares in the video. “We didn’t have a CG stand-in at all for anything she had to do. She was able to pull everything off exactly as we had hoped”

Unlike her character, Jolt has two working eyes. The VFX team stepped into give Jolt Lucky’s “winking” eye, which was done entirely via CGI. The CGI eye makes sense, as I can’t imagine any dog, no matter how good an actor they are, not scratching at any prosthetics a VFX team might try to put on them.

You can learn more about Jolt, AKA Lucky, AKA Pizza Dog, in the video above. If you want more doggo action, you can also see Jolt’s acting chops by watching all six episodes of Hawkeye on Disney+.


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