‘Tis The Season to Snuggle Up With Some Crackling Themed Fireplaces

It’s the holidays! And with the holidays comes that much-heralded tradition of cozying up next to a YouTube video of a crackling fire. While there are straightforward fireplace videos out there, there are also several themed ones that make you feel like you’re in one of your favorite fantastical worlds. Here are just a few of themed fireplaces to warm you with holiday cheer this season.


Darth Vader Yule Log

What better way to celebrate Life Day than to watch the corpse of Darth Vader burning for five hours? This crackling fire will get you in the Star Wars holiday spirit. Put this on in the background while you roast up some Porgs for dinner.


The Expanse‘s Protomolecule Fire

Nothing says cozy more than a protomolecule fire. For fans of The Expanse, you can watch protomoleculde burn in the Rocinante‘s drive plume for a whole hour. This flame is also paired with intergalactic instrumental music that sounds a bit more creepy than cozy. To each their own, however.


Doc Brown’s Living Room in Back to the Future

Doc Brown was a lot of things — a genius, a time traveler, a man with a questionable haircut. What is often overlooked, however, is that he was a consummate decorator. Snuggle up with your hoverboard and bask in his cozy Victorian-style living room this holiday season.


DC’s Superpowered Yule Log

No one can start a fire better than Superman, except maybe the Green Lantern. This 10-hour yule log video from DC gives you a crackling fireplace that’s rekindled from time to time by Superman, Green Lantern, and others. It also pans in and out from the fireplace, giving you a broader glimpse of the DC family’s abode. The Joker may or may not make an appearance to put a little something special in Bruce’s stocking…


Venom: Let There Be Carnage Holiday Yule Log

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of Venom. Even Venom is getting Venom for Christmas (along with some chocolate) if those items in his stocking are any indication. This themed yule log has Venom popping in from time to time complaining about the heat from the fire, among other things. No one can get into the holiday spirit quite like Venom, and you’ve got 10 hours of him here.


Thor’s Asgard Home Fireside

There are several Marvel Yule Logs, but come on—given a choice of any hero to spend Yule with, Thor seems like the obvious pick? He’s the beloved son of the guy who leads the Wild Hunt every Midwinter, after all.


Celebrate a Merry Mordor with the Eye of Sauron Yule Log

Of every jolly crackling fire on this list, the most epic is probably the Flaming Eye of Sauron. What better way to spend this season than being watched by the Great Eye itself? And as if that wasn’t enough, the Dark Lord even says “I SEEEE YOUUU” at random intervals that are guaranteed to startle the crap out of you if you leave this playing with the sound turned up.



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