Want More The Wheel of Time? Prime Video Has Bonus Clips That Give Extra Backstory to the Fantasy World

The first six episodes of The Wheel of Time are now available on Prime Video, and I’m sure you’ve already watched them all. If you’re like me, however, you might not have realized that the streaming platform is releasing corresponding behind-the-scenes clips as well as animated origin stories about various aspects of WoT, giving viewers a bit more of The Wheel of Time world to take in each week.

These additions are what Prime Video calls X-Rays, which I assume is a nod to the videos digging into the insides of a show, or whatever. For The Wheel of Time, the X-Rays fall into two categories: Origins, which are animated clips that give us additional backstory about the lore of WoT, and Look Inside videos, which are behind-the-scenes clips of how the show was made.

Each clip is about three to four minutes long. The Look Inside videos are fairly self-explanatory—showrunner Rafe Judkins, as well as other cast and crew, talk about what it was like making each episode, sometimes with explanations as to why they changed things from the books.

The Origins clips are a bit different—they’re animated and take place in-world, giving us a short tale about some aspect of The Wheel of Time that was touched on in the corresponding episode. The titles hint what each one of them are about: “Breaking of the World,” “The Fall of Manetheren,” “The Greatest Warder,” “Saidan, Saidar, Stone,” “The White Tower,” and “An Ogier’s Longing.” If you haven’t watched these yet, I highly recommend.

But how, you ask, do I find these on Prime Video’s surprisingly confusing UI? They’re a bit tricky to find, depending on what device you’re using to watch the show. I couldn’t find them at all via the Prime Video app on my Apple TV, for example, though I am also not what one would call tech savvy, so they might be there somewhere. The easiest place I found them was on a browser on my laptop—you can find them all here in the “Bonus” section after the regular episodes, and more should drop with each upcoming episode this season.


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