Sneak Peek From Good Omens 2 Reveal Images of Our Favorite Occult (Ethereal?) Couple

Good Omens 2, the follow-up to the delightful adaptation of the eponymous book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, has been in production since mid-October. Gaiman along with Douglas Mackinnon are again at the helm of the series, with David Tennant and Michael Sheen back playing Crowley and Aziraphale, my favorite couple in all of fantasy-dom.

The show has only been in production for a few weeks, but showrunners Gaiman and Mackinnon have already shared some sneak peeks of how things are going on set.

On October 19, for example, Mackinnon shared shots of Tennant and Sheen’s foreheads, including their impressive coifs of hair:

“They’re back,” Mackinnon wrote, and boy is he right! The days passed on, however, and we got nary a glimpse… until yesterday, when the showrunners revealed two new shots.

The first is a lovely candid of Tennant and Sheen in full demon and angel mode: There’s our dear Aziraphale delicately drinking some tea. And there is our delightful Crowley, sporting some dark shades and giving us a devilish grin.

I love them.

Not to be outdone by his co-showrunner, Gaiman shared another shot from set that day. This one is from their Soho set, and has Tennant and Sheen in costume sitting on their respective actor chairs:

What’s arguably more exciting about this photo is what Gaiman hinted at in his tweet. “You waited. And now you see @michaelsheen and David Tennant, being perfectly effable,” he wrote. He then added: “(On our Soho set. The bookshop is on the left. Could that be a pub on the right?)”

A pub next to Aziraphale’s book shop?! Gaiman’s hint is a strong one, and the thought that Crowley opened a pub to be close to Aziraphale warms my heart.

We also got to see a bit more than just Soho set online. J Courtenay Grimwood also posted photos of the production in Edinburgh’s Inverleith Park. The images don’t reveal much except for some fallen fall foliage, but it does reveal another location where the show will be shooting.


No news yet on when Good Omens 2 will make its way to Amazon. The good news, however, is that the first season of Good Omens is eternally available for reviewing on the streaming platform.


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