Peter Capaldi Dons Sunglasses and a Guitar… and Releases His Own Album

You might know him as the Twelfth Doctor, but Peter Capaldi plays more than just a two-hearted time-traveling alien who likes to wear sunglasses and shred a guitar (pictured above). Soon, he’ll also be a musician with his own discography—in just a few weeks, Monks Road Records will release an album of Capaldi originals, including an eponymous single called “St. Christopher.”

The idea for St. Christopher came to Capaldi after he collaborated with Dr. Robert, The Blow Monkeys lead singer, in 2019. Yes, that is a sentence I just wrote.

According to Collider, Dr. Robert (who sadly isn’t that kind of Doctor…or is he?!) encouraged Capaldi to give writing his own music a try. “Watching the musicians work, something drove me to scribble out a song, just for the chance of having them play it, and when they did I knew immediately this was something I wanted to do again,” Capaldi said. “So, I set about it. Robert patiently endured these efforts, encouraging some, letting others slip quietly away, until eventually we felt we had enough ideas to go into the studio… And then it was March 2020 and everything stopped. We had demos, computers, Robert’s address book, and a very clear diary so, through the magic of modern technology, we sent the tracks back and forth until finally, with the help of some brilliant musicians, we found ourselves with something that very much appeared to be an album.”

That album certainly does exist. The entirety of St. Christopher—which includes songs titled “Beautiful and Weird,” “Atlanta Vacant Lot,” and “The Great Magnificence”—will be available to stream globally on November 19. You can buy digital, CD or vinyl versions here. For those who just can’t wait until then to hear Capaldi singing, the single from the album, also called “St. Christopher,” can be found various places online, including here.


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