The Wheel of Time Debuts Key Scene, First Piece From Series Soundtrack

The Wheel of Time television series showed up at New York Comic-Con with a few exciting reveals under their belt, including the first complete scene from the series and a clip of the show’s soundtrack by composer Lorne Balfe.

Showrunner Rafe Judkins was on hand with half a dozen members of the cast to answer fan questions and get everyone revved up for the show’s premiere next month. Yesterday saw the reveal of a brand new series poster, and Judkins and the cast also premiered our very first extended scene above, showcasing Moiraine and Lan’s (Rosamund Pike and Daniel Henny) arrival at the Winespring Inn.

The scene shows a significant departure from tale in terms of identity: at this point in the books, Lan and Moiraine are meant to be traveling incognito. It’s clear that the show has made some different choices on that count, and how that will effect the narrative is something that fans are undoubtedly keen to learn.

The Wheel of Time Twitter account has also revealed the first snippet from the show’s soundtrack by Lorne Balfe, which you can listen to on a variety of music services here.

The title of the track, “Al’Naito” are words from the Old Tongue that roughly translate to “Of the/From the Flame,” which could be a reference to several different things within the series. Within the novels, the symbol of the Aes Sedai and women’s channeling power is referred to as “the Flame of Tar Valon”—perhaps this piece is used in a key moment of the first season where women use that power on screen?

The Wheel of Time will premiere on Prime Video on November 19th.


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