It’s Still Agatha (All Along): WandaVision’s Witchy Neighbor Is Getting Her Own Series

It was Agatha all along, and may it be Agatha forever more: Variety reports that a WandaVision spinoff focusing on everyone’s favorite neighbor is in the works for Disney+. Marvel, of course, neither confirmed nor denied this report.

As if the promise of more witchy Kathryn Hahn wasn’t great enough, the show will reportedly have WandaVision‘s Jac Schaeffer as head writer and executive producer.

In the wake of a handful of Marvel tie-in series, WandaVision looks more and more singular. The way its TV-referencing first episodes gave way to something more traditionally superheroic wasn’t entirely satisfying, but Schaeffer’s interest in grief and the way it can destroy a person was more intimate than anything else we’ve seen on the Marvel/Disney+ series. In the end, WandaVision had to do what all these series do: serve as connective tissue between blockbuster movies. But while each of the shows has a few moments that were bigger than that, WandaVision arguably had the most of them.

And then there was Agatha, who first appeared to be just Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor—but was clearly something more. Kahn gave her a delicious comedic streak but also a genuine ominousness that made speculating about Agatha’s true nature just so much fun. The show did her dirty at the end, and perhaps this spinoff will return to explore her fate in the wake of Wanda’s actions. Or maybe it’ll be about her past. There’s no telling, though Variety says the show will be a “dark comedy.” Only one thing is for sure: I will now have that dang song in my head all day.


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