David Tennant Might Be Another Monster in Hide

It’s been a while since Jessica Jones, but David Tennant’s performance as Kilgrave is still the stuff of nightmares. Now, he’s tackling another monster—sort of. The streaming platform Peacock has put into development a series starring both David Tennant and his wife, Georgia Tennant, and it’s a Jekyll and Hyde story of some sort. But also a conspiracy? It sounds like a lot.

As Deadline explains, “In Hide, a Jekyll & Hyde tale by way of a conspiracy thriller, a disgraced journalist (David Tennant) stumbles upon a story that could resurrect his career. But he quickly learns he’s seen something he shouldn’t have, and is now the target of unknown adversaries who will do anything to silence him. On the run as people around him go missing or die, a serious accident has an extraordinary side effect, and he realizes there are monsters in the world – and he may be one of them.”

Hide has Agent Carter showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters as writers and executive producers, with award-winning director Julie Anne Robinson (Bridgerton, The Good Place)—a longtime friend of David Tennant’s—on board to direct and executive produce as well.

There’s no word on when production might start; the series is only at the development stage. The name is so vague as to be almost goofy (it was hard enough explaining a show called Run to people!), but if anyone can make this concept compelling, it’s David Tennant. From Kilgrave to the Doctor to Crowley (in Good Omens, pictured above)—and let’s never forget Fright Night—he’s certainly got the range.


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