Star Trek: Prodigy Announces Premiere Date, Releases New Trailer |

Star Trek: Prodigy Announces Premiere Date, Releases New Trailer

The festivities for Star Trek Day have begun, and we’ve kicked off with a brand new trailer for Star Trek: Prodigy—and a premiere date to go with it.

The new trailer introduces us to our new crew of young misfits in more detail, and finally gives us a glimpse of the Janeway hologram that will guide them through their adventures in the Delta Quadrant aboard the USS Protostar. We also get a look at the show’s primary antagonists, including a figure known at the Diviner (voiced by John Noble)… who wants the Protostar for his own presumably nefarious purposes.

The first season will have ten episodes, the same as Star Trek: Lower Decks. There have been hints that Janeway isn’t the only known Trek character who will appear on the show in some form, but obviously the first season’s priority will be helping us get to know the Protostar‘s new crew. The description for the show talks about how this will be the first Trek crew who doesn’t really know anything about starships—which this trailer shows off in spades as they bump into debris and tumble through space.

Star Trek: Prodigy will debut on Paramount+ on Thursday, October 28th, with an hour-long premiere.


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