Rosamund Pike and Rafe Judkins Answer Questions About Amazon’s Wheel of Time

Yesterday brought the long-awaited trailer for Amazon’s upcoming adaptation of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. To accompany it, showrunner Rafe Judkins and actress Rosamund Pike went on Twitter to answer some burning questions about what to expect.

The show’s official Twitter feed solicited questions from fans about the series, and selected a handful of them for followers. Are some of the revelations that we learned.

Season one will cover a lot of ground.

For a lot of shows based on books, you often see a season tackle a single book at a time. In this case, season one will cover the entirety of book one, but it’ll also include some elements of book two, The Great Hunt, and book three, The Dragon Reborn. (But, some elements of book one will be held back for season two.)

This sounds a bit like Syfy/Amazon’s approach to adapting The Expanse, where the show’s creators moved some characters and actions from other stories around in the timeline, opting to adapt the series as a whole, rather than each individual book.

The show’s music will come from Lorne Balfe.

Balfe recently scored the BBC and HBO’s His Dark Materials, and has been brought on to provide the music for this series. The trailer music isn’t his, but there are hints of his score in the trailer “with the reveal of the logo.”

How did the visual effects come together? 

There were a couple of questions about this. Judkins answered one about the look of the weaving, noting that “all of the VFX teams looking at the One Power were going off of documents of descriptions of it pulled straight from the books,” which they used as a starting point.

To another, he noted that making a TV series is a collaboration, and that the visuals came out better than he imagined while writing.

Pike said that she thought seeing her wielding her powers for the first time was “badass.”

How has Pike found working with epic fantasy (as compared to her prior work)?

The actress said that “The biggest most important challenge with fantasy is making the stakes your own, making the concepts and ideas that are so outside your own experience feel real and immediate.”

Will there be a second trailer? 


You can read the full thread here.


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