Soar Through the Cosmos With Star Trek: Prodigy‘s Main Title Sequence

A week ahead of Star Trek Day, Paramount Plus has released another peek at Star Trek: Prodigy, the upcoming animated series about a group of young aliens who wind up commandeering a Starfleet vessel—a sleek vessel that boasts an emergency training hologram version of Captain Janeway.

Janeway is the only character to appear—in a way—in these gorgeous opening titles, which make the galaxy look big and bright and gorgeous and maybe slightly ominous (that’s one very large hand).

In July, we got our first real look at Prodigy with the initial teaser, which introduced the crew and the ship, though its markings were hard to make out. The main titles spotlight the name, though: This is, as sharp eyes noted, the USS Protostar, NX-76884. And it’s extremely shiny and futuristic looking.

Prodigy comes from Trollhunters writers Kevin and Dan Hageman. Its crew of intrepid young aliens includes a Brikar, a Medusan, a Tellarite, a Vau N’akat, a character of unknown species, and an indestructible blob (voiced by the astonishing Dee Bradley Baker). And, of course, there’s the Janeway hologram, voiced by Kate Mulgrew. The main theme is by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino, who scored the three recent Trek movies.

Paramount Plus has been vague about when Prodigy will premiere—just that it’s coming this fall. But it seems extremely likely that we’ll find out more during the Prodigy panel on Star Trek Day, September 8th.


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