The Cast of Ted Lasso Would Not Simply Walk Into Mordor

One amusing way to while away the hours, if you are person who follows a lot of TV and movies, is to imagine transposing the cast of one entertainment property to another. For example, one might imagine the drama babies from The Vampire Diaries as X-Men (Caroline is Kitty Pryde, Stefan Salvatore is Cyclops, sorry, I don’t make the rules), or the spacaefaring cast of The Expanse in Star Wars (tell me a young Steven Strait wouldn’t have been a good young whiny Luke Skywalker, I dare you).

On Twitter, author A.R. Moxon took this game to its perhaps inevitable end, lining up the characters from the beloved serues Ted Lasso with characters from The Lord of the Rings. Some of these choices, though, may surprise you.

I’m trying to imagine this Aragorn doing the opening-the-doors scene in The Two Towers and I’m just not sure it would left quite as much of an impression on us. But perhaps I underestimate him.

Saruman really is a blight on the environment.

This is a very different Sam and Frodo, but at least one of them has a nice practical backpack.

Eowyn is going to kick your ass at anything; Tom Bombadil is … Bombadilling.

Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings, with its very sprawling and very different cast, debuts next year. You can watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ whenever you feel like.


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