Nestflix Is the Database of Stories-Within-Stories That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Remember Cordy? That great little show about a girl who moves to LA from Sunnydale to chase her dream of being a fashion designer? Probably not, because it didn’t exist—except within AngelIn the third-season episode “Birthday,” Cordelia gets a glimpse of a different version of her life, and it looks like a sitcom, among other things.

But that’s a pretty small one, as far as fake movies and shows within real movies and shows go. There are so many more. And Nestflix has collected more than 400 of them, from Scrooged‘s The Night the Reindeer Died to iZombie‘s Zombie High to Galaxy Quest, which is of course the name of a truly excellent movie and the name of a made-up show within that movie.

Nestflix is the brilliant idea of Lynn Fisher, a developer, illustrator, and designer who builds really neat projects online, like this database of airport codes and another movie-related site you may have seen: Hollywood Age Gap. She also tracked all of the food and drink referenced on The Good Place, and the resulting site is a work of art.

You will find just about everything (Inspector Spacetime! The work of Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World! More Simpsons jokes than I could possibly list!) on Nestflix, and if your personal favorite extra-fictional show or movie isn’t included, there is a submissions form—though Fisher has paused submissions for the moment after getting what sounds like a lot of them.

Now, who’s going to tackle this project for imaginary books-within-books?


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