Watch the Trailer for Lucifer’s Final Season

The end is near for Netflix’s Lucifer. The DC Comics/Vertigo comic adaptation is coming into its sixth and final season on September 10th, and to get audiences ready, the streaming service released a trailer for the last batch of episodes.

The series loosely adapts some characters that first appeared in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, following Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) after he decides to step down as the lord of Hell and head for L.A., where he sets up shop with a nightclub called Lux, and gets pulled into consulting for the LAPD.

The show has had an interesting run. It debuted in 2016 on Fox, which ultimately canceled the show after season three. By then, it had attracted a vocal fanbase, which prompted Netflix to pick up the series for another couple of seasons. The streaming service opted to end the show after its fifth season (which it would release in two, eight-episode batches), before reversing that decision to renew the series for a final-final season six.

After releasing the second batch of season five episodes back in May, that final season’s now upon us. From the trailer, it looks as though the stakes are being upped: Last season, we learned that God has become vulnerable and plans to retire, and will hand the job over to one of his children. There’s competition, however, and Lucifer isn’t a shoe-in yet.

The trailer shows off that coming power struggle, the troubles coming with a world without God at the helm (an apocalypse is nigh), and there’s folks who wish Lucifer ill. From the looks of things, there will also be a cartoon episode, and a pretty stunning betrayal.

We’ll find out how it all ends on September 10th.


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