“We Lit the Spark”: Announcing Sisters of the Forsaken Stars by Lina Rather

Tordotcom Publishing is thrilled to announce—and share the cover for—Lina Rather’s Sisters of the Forsaken Stars, edited by Christie Yant. The original deal for World English Rights was brokered by Hannah Bowman at Liza Dawson Associates.

Sisters of the Forsaken Stars is the delightful follow-up to the Golden Crown Literary Society Award-winning novella Sisters of the Vast Black featuring an interstellar order of Catholic nuns in a thrilling space opera that Sarah Gailey said “embrace[d] the complex relationships between faith, imperialism, love, and humanity while managing to make the pitiless void of space feel intimate.”

Sisters of the Forsaken Stars arrives on February 15, 2022 from Tordotcom Publishing.

“We lit the spark, maybe we should be here for the flames.”

Not long ago, Earth’s colonies and space stations threw off the yoke of planet Earth’s tyrannical rule. Decades later, trouble is brewing in the four systems, and Old Earth is flexing its power in a bid to regain control over its lost territories.

The Order of Saint Rita—whose mission is to provide aid and mercy to those in need—bore witness to and defied Central Governance’s atrocities on the remote planet Phoyongsa III. The sisters have been running ever since, staying under the radar while still trying to honor their calling.

Despite the sisters’ secrecy, the story of their defiance is spreading like wildfire, spearheaded by a growing anti-Earth religious movement calling for revolution. Faced with staying silent or speaking up, the Order of Saint Rita must decide the role they will play—and what hand they will have—in reshaping the galaxy.

Cover art by Emmanuel Shiu; Design by Christine Foltzer

Lina Rather is a speculative fiction author from Michigan, now living in Washington, D.C. Her stories have appeared in a variety of publications, including Shimmer, Flash Fiction Online, and Lightspeed. When she isn’t writing, she likes to cook, go hiking, and collect terrible ‘90s comic books.


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