New Trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s Demonic Shows Off the Perils of Simulated Realities

IFC Midnight has released a full trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming film Demonic, giving fans a clear idea of what to expect from the science fiction/horror thriller: high-tech demonic possession.

Blomkamp (best known for District 9, Elysium, and Chappie) directed the film during the early days of the pandemic, which was then picked up by IFC Midnight for a theatrical and VOD release on August 20th and 27th.

We got our first teaser for the project back in June, which showed off a woman entering a simulated world, who comes up against something horrifying while in there.

This new trailer gives us a bit more of an idea of what’s going on: A woman (played by Carly Pope) is brought to see her mother, who was taking part in some sort of experiment involving simulations, and is told that she went on some sort of homicidal rampage—this is an opportunity to ask her why. She goes into the simulation alongside her mother, who tells her that she needs to escape. That’s when things start to go off the rails, and the team behind the experiment aren’t all that interested in pulling her out right away.

After she does get out, she starts to see strange things. It becomes apparent that while she was in the simulation, she encountered some sort of demon, which is now free and in the world, prompting the arrival of a black ops team from the Vatican.

All in all, it sounds very much like it hits a lot of buttons that Blomkamp is known for: high tech science and a bit of body horror. Look for Demonic on VOD at the end of August.


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