Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor Promises Kitten Snuggling, Revenge, Weirdness

Vampires? Kittens? Catherine Keener! You have my attention. The teaser for Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor is just over a minute of trippy art, ravenous felines, and promises of revenge. Does it make a lot of sense? Not really. Does it need to? Probably also not really.

Brand New Cherry Flavor is a series based on the novel by Todd Grimson. The book’s summary offers a little more about the plot:

In the world of Hollywood’s panderers, philanderers, has-beens, and sycophants, aspiring screenwriter and director Lisa Nova considers herself a rising star who can transcend the lies, cheating, and hypocrisy for the sake of her art. When she is coldly betrayed by one leering producer too many, she turns to Boro, the enigmatic leader of a local biker gang, to exact vengeance—and she gets more than she bargained for. It begins with the strange tattoos that appear overnight on her skin like stigmata, followed by the hallucinations of ancient cults of the undead. Lisa soon finds herself contending with white jaguars and cannibalistic demons rising from the grave, and the lines between dreams and reality quickly dissolve in this surreal and exhilarating blend of satire and the macabre.

The use of Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting” in this trailer makes me feel personally targeted, but there are other reasons to be intrigued by this eight-episode series: The cast includes The Good Place‘s Manny Jacinto and Agents of Shield‘s Jeff Ward alongside star Rosa Salazar and Keener, and it’s created by Nick Antosca (creator of Channel Zero) and Lenore Zion (a writer on Ray Donovan and Good Behavior).

Netflix says it’s “bonkers.”

Brand New Cherry Flavor lands on Netflix on August 13th (a Friday, naturally).


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