New Titans Third Season Trailer Sets Up Red Hood’s Hostile Takeover

Ahead of its debut in August, HBO Max has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming third season of Titans, its dark and gritty take on the Teen Titans characters.

The series debuted back in 2018 on DC Universe, Warner Bros.’ dedicated hub for all things DC. It was part of a slate of original programming for the streaming service/comic reading app, and while DC Universe has been repurposed for comics and discussions, most of the original content that came with it has migrated over to the studio’s other big streaming service, HBO Max.

The series follows the titular superhero team as they reunite after Rachel Roth (aka Raven) comes to Dick Greyson for help. By season two, the Teen Titans had reformed and took on Deathstroke. Back in November 2019, shortly after season two debuted on DC Universe, Warner Bros. announced that the series would return for a third season, and that it was expected to debut in the following year. The pandemic seems to have impacted its production, as well as the reorganization that shifted most of the app’s content over to HBO Max.

Back in June, we got our first glimpse of the season, which showed off the season’s key villain: Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, the first time the character’s been portrayed in live action. As Andrew Tejada noted, it looks as though we’ll get a bit of the character’s origin—Todd was one of Batman’s Robins, brutally murdered by the Joker and eventually brought back as Red Hood, a violent vigilante.

We get some glimpses of that in this new trailer: The voiceover talks about how Bruce Wayne is a violent psychopath who used fear to manipulate people. We also see Todd’s attack and Wayne stepping down as Batman, as well as Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Red Hood’s debut, and the Titans efforts to try and contain the situation.

It looks like we’ve got an action-packed season ahead of us, and it debuts on HBO Max on August 12th.


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