The Wheel of Time Prequel Movie, Age of Legends, Has a Writer

Yes, you read that right: On top of the Amazon TV series, there’s also a Wheel of Time movie in the works. Three of them, apparently! Thor and X-Men: First Class co-writer Zack Stentz is working on Age of Legends, the first of three movies set millennia before Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books.

In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, Stentz said he’s coming to this script as a fan of the books: “I’ve been a fan of Robert Jordan’s work for many years, and it is especially his allusions to the origins and backstory of The Wheel of Time that I have always found most intriguing.”

The Age of Legends is a historic era in the Wheel of Time series, before the Breaking. The Hollywood Reporter describes the film’s setting as “a futuristic utopia powered by a magical force shared by men and women known as the One Power. When an unspeakable evil is unleashed upon the world and men using the One Power become insane and destroy much of the planet, a small band of women unite under the White Tower and are humanity’s last hope of survival.”

This is the third major fantasy series currently taking the prequel-adaptation route, though the other two are both TV series: the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon and Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series are currently in production. (Notably, the LOTR series and Age of Legends are both set in their worlds’ “Second Age.”) But starting on a prequel adaptation before the book-material adaptation has even been released—even for a series as popular and beloved as The Wheel of Time—is a fairly brazen choice. It may suggest the producers have a lot of confidence in how people will respond to the Wheel of Time TV show—which will premiere sometime this year.


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