Director Joseph Kosinski Gets Into Bryan Edward Hill’s Chariot

Hot on the heels of Fast 9, another car movie is coming down the pike. Deadline reports that Joseph Kosinski—director of the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, so a guy who has some experience with speed—is attached to direct Chariot, an adaptation of the comic by writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Priscilla Petraites. Warner Bros. won the film at auction, suggesting that more than one studio is looking for its own fast franchise.

And this one sounds as capable of going off the rails (in a good way!) as Dom Toretto and gang: It’s Cold War spies crossed with Knight Rider. The Chariot is a super high-tech muscle car for the best agent in the Cold War. It falls in the ocean, never to be seen again—until (per the book description) “a petty criminal looking to reform his life has stumbled upon the Chariot, and he’s about to find out that the agent’s consciousness is still controlling it.”

Okay, so it’s also maybe got some Christine DNA too.

Hill, who created the book, has a wide-ranging resume: comic book creator (American Carnage), tie-in writer (Far Cry: Rite of Passage), Titans writer, and screenwriter on the next version of the Power RangersChariot, he said in an interview with Syfy, came partly out of him wanting to do something “breezy,” that felt like a break from his frequently heavier work.

Deadline notes that the movie will be a “synthwave sci-fi thriller with strong roles for two A-list actors.” We’ll just have to wait and see who gets to drive the badass car.


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