You Can Have More Nevers Next Year

Despite technically being just halfway through its first season, HBO’s The Nevers has had a weird run. Pandemic shutdowns cut short initial filming on the show, which wrapped last year. In January, Philippa Goslett stepped in for departing showrunner/creator Joss Whedon who, while being accused of misconduct on the sets of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Justice League, cited “the physical challenges of making such a huge show during a global pandemic” as his reason for leaving.

But Whedon’s fingerprints were all over the first six episodes, which aired this April and May. This mid-season finale blew things up with a familiar Whedon twist and left a lot of questions—which won’t be answered until 2022. The Wrap reports that production begins tomorrow on the second half of the first season, with Goslett at the reins and a 2022 airdate in mind.

The Nevers‘ ensemble cast is led by Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly, playing two “Touched” women in Victorian London. The Touched have unusual abilities: Penance (Skelly) can feel electricity, and Amalia (Donnelly) gets glimpses of the future. The first few episodes wove a tangled plot of conspiracies, alien influence, shifting loyalties and, honestly, too many characters for the show to effectively develop. Where it’ll go from those season-finale revelations, and under Goslett’s leadership, is anyone’s guess. According to The Wrap, Goslett and her writers’ room mapped out the rest of the season while the first six episodes were airing, but there’s not so much of a whisper as to what the back end of the season has in store.

The Nevers will return next year.


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