Stargirl Trailer Shines a Light on a New Green Lantern and More

There will be plenty of new heroes and villains coming to Blue Valley for Stargirl’s second season. While the biggest reveals revolve around a new Green Lantern and the devious Shade, the preview also indicates that it will follow up on the show’s biggest plot threads. Seeing Stargirl add fun new elements while building on things it’s already established makes the second season look very promising.

[Spoilers for Season 1 of Stargirl]
At the end of the first season, the young members of the Justice Society of America scored a huge win over the Injustice Society. Most of the members ended up either dead or captured. In the wake of this victory, it was revealed that Joel McHale’s Starman is still alive. (Since he’s the original owner of the cosmic staff that Brec Bassinger’s Stargirl uses, there may be some conflict over who gets to keep it.) We also learn that the new Justice Society of America is struggling to find a purpose without villains to fight—but fortunately for the eager heroine Stargirl, she’s got more than a few superhuman issues to deal with.

Ysa Penarejo’s Jade Scott, the daughter of Green Lantern Alan Scott, will arrive in Blue Valley to claim her father’s ring. If she follows the traditional JSA recruitment model, she’ll likely butt heads with Courtney before joining the team. And speaking of new JSA members, the season will also introduce Alkoya Brunson as Jakeem Thunder; he traditionally forms a partnership with a 5th-dimensional genie named Thunderbolt in the comics. Although Thunderbolt is only visible for a couple of seconds in the trailer, the character—which will be voiced by Jim Gaffigan—is likely to get a ton of screentime. According to Entertainment Weekly, we can also expect a cameo appearance from the Arrowverse’s Jay Garrick A.K.A. The Flash. These new heroes will definitely be needed in the fight to come.

Season two will see Jonathan Cake appear as Shade, a villain with a fancy top hat and a wide range range of powers that include immortality, transportation, and the ability to build what he wants out of shadows. They’ll also contend with an ultra powerful swordsman/mystical being named Eclipso played by former Arrowverse Captain Boomerang, Nick E. Tarabay. And last, but not least, Meg DeLacy’s Cindy Burman will return to get revenge against Stargirl for… lots of reasons. We’ll see all these exciting new villains clash against the heroes when the second season premieres on the CW on August 10th.


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