Todd McFarlane Is Developing Sam and Twitch, a Spawn Spinoff TV Series

There’s been no major news on the long-gestating Spawn reboot for a while now, but creator Todd McFarlane remains busy. Deadline reports that McFarlane has teamed up with Wiip, the studio behind the recent HBO Max hit Mare of Easttown, for a TV series based on two human characters from Spawn: detectives Sam Burke and Twitch Williams.

The characters appeared in the first issue of Spawn, in 1992, and beginning in 1999 starred in their own comics series, also called Sam and Twitch. As they presumably will in the TV series, the detectives worked cases in a dark, gritty New York City that’s home to superpowered criminals. Sam is the brawn, Twitch is the brains, and naturally they have contradictory—but complementary—personalities.

Speaking with Rotten Tomatoes, McFarlane said the plan is to develop the show so that it’ll be enjoyable even to viewers with no prior knowledge of the characters or the greater Spawn universe. (He also said he’s “added some other talent” to the Spawn movie, so things do seem to be still moving forward there.)

The adaptation will be written and executive produced by Condor creators and showrunners Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg. McFarlane, with his McFarlane Films, will also produce, along with Paul Lee and Mark Roybal from Wiip. There’s no news yet on casting, network, or release date.


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