The Trailer for Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation Is Hyperactive ’80s Mayhem

Listen. It’s He-Man. This trailer isn’t going to tell you a single thing about the story for Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation, which is not a reboot but a continuation, picking up right where the ’80s cartoon left off—He-Man defending against Skeletor and the forces of evil. It’s not real heavy on dialogue, and it’s kind of going to make your eyeballs bleed.

In other words, it is just as it should be.

The trailer is set to Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero,” and can I just point out real quick that Tyler is really having a day today, given that (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), this morning started out with an eclipse.

The gang’s all here, at least for a split second or two. Masters of the Universe: Revelation has an outstanding cast that includes stellar voice actor Mark Hamill as the evil Skeletor; Chris Wood (Supergirl) as Prince Adam/He-Man; Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) as Evil-Lyn; Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself) as Teela; Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) as Man-at-Arms; Henry Rollins (Johnny Mnemonic) as Tri-Klops; Kevin Conroy (the animated Batman) as Mer-Man; and really just a whole lot more.

Kevin Smith is very excited about the trailer:

The first five episodes that make up Part I of Masters of the Universe: Revelation will premiere on Netflix on July 23rd, followed by an aftershow hosted by Smith himself.


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