The Trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy Is Exactly What You Expect

More than two decades after Michael Jordan starred in Space Jam, the Looney Tunes are on the court again. In Space Jam: A New Legacy, it’s LeBron James who winds up in an animated world where he has to save his son (and the Looney Tunes) from Don Cheadle’s rogue AI—by winning at basketball, of course.

There’s more plot to this film, though you wouldn’t know it from the trailer. Fictional LeBron’s son, Dom (Cedric Joe), has computer skills that catch the attention of Al-G Rhythm (Cheadle), who somehow sucks Dom and his dad into the Warner Bros. “Server-verse,” where King James has to put together a team to compete against the evil Goon Squad. Apparently, he’ll have to make his way through some of Warners’ famous films (including Wonder Woman and Casablanca) to get the gang together.

An Entertainment Weekly cover story earlier this year emphasized the movie’s emotional depth, and filmmakers described it as a story about a father and son struggling to relate to one another. The rest of the family is played by Sonequa Martin-Green (Star Trek: Discovery) as movie-LeBron’s wife, Kamiyah, and Ceyair Wright and Harper Leigh Alexander as their other two kids. (If Michael Burnham doesn’t somehow save the day, or at least help save the day, this movie is truly going to require some intense suspension of disbelief.)

Director Malcolm D. Lee (Girls Trip) says Space Jam: A New Legacy is better than the original Space Jam, but you can make up your own mind when the movie arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on July 16th.


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