Chris Pratt Is Drafted to Fight in First Trailer for Amazon’s The Tomorrow War

Summer is the time for alien invasion movies, and Amazon has released a full trailer for its take on the genre: The Tomorrow War, in which a group of time travelers head to our present to recruit soldiers to prevent humanity from being wiped out.

In the trailer, we meet Pratt’s character Dan Forester during an idyllic holiday gathering: there’s food, conversation, and a soccer match on TV, and then everything changes: a group of soldiers appear in a flash of light in the middle of the pitch, and tell the world that they’re fighting a war 30 years in the future, and that it’s not going well.

After that news goes down, Dan is drafted, despite being eligible for deferments because he’s a teacher and veteran. His reasoning: if he doesn’t go, his wife would go in his place, and if he dies, they’ll be taken care of. Dan’s quickly equipped with some sort of wrist device that will help him jump back and forth in time, and before long, he and his fellow recruits are headed into the future to try and stop the invasion. The movie has all the looks of a blockbuster like Independence Day or Battle: Los Angeles, where survival rests on the shoulders of a select few.

The film has been in the works for a couple of years now: Pratt joined the project in February 2019, with Chris McKay (Lego Batman) directing a script from Zach Dean (24 Hours to Live). It was originally set to debut on December 25th, 2020 in theaters, but Paramount bumped the film to 2021 amidst some COVID-19-required theatrical shuffling. The date changed again when Amazon acquired the film for $200 million for its streaming platform.

The Tomorrow War premieres on July 2nd.


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