The Wheel of Time Has Wrapped Season 1 — and Season 2 Is Already in Progress

It always had to be more than one season, right? The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins announced this morning that season two has officially been greenlit—and he shared a peek at the script for the first episode of S2, “A Taste of Solitude.”

The news comes along with word that production has wrapped on season one!

In November of 2019, Judkins was posting about the writers’ room for season two, but given last year’s production delays due to the coronavirus, it’s not that surprising that official word on the second season took a little longer. The show was first ordered to series in 2018 and has been slowly but steadily building excitement with casting announcements, video teasers, snippets of the score, and Judkins’ occasional Instagram Q&As.

To celebrate the official greenlight, Judkins did another Q&A via Instagram stories—here are some of the highlights!

  • Asked if we should expect a trailer soon, Judkins replied with an emoji that seems to suggest the answer is yes.
  • Because Amazon is a streaming platform, the episodes don’t have to conform to a set runtime. Judkins says “these eps are epic” and “between 50-65 minutes each.”
  • The name of the character who isn’t in season one, but who he’s most excited about seeing in season two, starts with “EL”.
  • Between seasons one and two, the creative team made a “rough map of how the series could break down into seasons,” which suggests Judkins and his team definitely are planning for the long term. He also noted that it won’t be a clear one book/one season structure, but involve combining stories.
  • Yes, we will see Narg.
  • “Will we see Forsaken in season 1?” someone asked. Judkins replied, “Some people see Forsaken anywhere.”
  • Perrin is the hardest character to write.
  • Asked if we’ll see the actual weaves, Judkins replied, “You’re gonna see it all if you’re a woman who can channel.”
  • The writers for season 2 have been working and “already have a bunch of great scripts ready to go.”

The Wheel of Time will have an eight-episode first season. No release date has been announced, but if filming has wrapped and a trailer is coming relatively soon—at this point a 2021 debut certainly seems likely!


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