Venom: Let There Be Carnage Trailer Promises Chaos and Comedy

After teasing Woody Harrelson’s Cleetus Cassidy at the end of the first Venom movie, the trailer for the sequel promises to dive deeper into his sinister story. At the same time, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and his Venom symbiote lean into their buddy comedy dynamic. These two opposing tones come together for a weird blend of comedy, drama, and… breakfast?

The trailer begins with Venom following what looks like a disgusting breakfast recipe he found on TikTok. Although Eddie doesn’t look thrilled about the meal, he seems to be fully adjusted to living life with an alien inside of his body. Venom’s even sneaking out of Eddie’s body to wave ‘hi’ to Mrs. Chen nowadays. This quirky and light opening sees a jarring tone shift as the trailer starts to follow Cleetus Cassidy.

Thankfully, the creative team took time to tone down the horrifically bad red wig Woody Harrelson was wearing in the first Venom movie, and establish him as more of an off-putting threat. Investigators are still searching for his victims. Families cry about the loved ones he’s taken. And the state is ready to put him down permanently… until he somehow comes into contact with an alien symbiote and becomes the villainous Carnage. The trailer gives us a brief look at the full character design to hammer in that he will also be a terrifying threat.

By ending the trailer, the movie firmly establishes it will once again walk the line between being a dark comedy and just… dark in general. Seeing Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson face-off inside and out of their symbiotes should be worth the price of the ticket alone.

We’ll see how much chaos these two will cause in Venom 2 on September 24th.


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