Interstellar Prison Break Series Intergalactic Is Dropping on Peacock This Week

Last month, Den of Geek previewed a new science fiction series hitting the airwaves: Intergalactic, a new series set roughly 150 years in the future about an interstellar cop, Ash Harper, who’s framed and sentenced to a prison planet, only to find herself in the midst of a mutiny as her fellow prisoners stage a jailbreak.

The series looked like a lot of fun, but at the time it was only slated for release in the UK on Sky One. Now, US viewers will get to see the series: it’s set to drop all eight episodes on Peacock on Thursday, May 13th.

The show stars Savannah Steyn (The Tunnel, Wannabe), as Ash, who was set up to take the fall for a crime she didn’t commit. She finds herself in more trouble when the mutineers shoot their prison transport’s pilot, and they discover that she’s the only person who can pilot the ship to a free world.

As we see in the trailer, there’s plenty of action—gunfights, some neat-looking spaceships—and Ash has to keep all of her wits with her in order to survive, presumably to clear her name and return home. The series also stars Eleanor Tomlinson, Parminder Nagra, Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Craig Parkinson, Thomas Turgoose, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Natasha O’Keeffe, Oliver Coopersmith, Imogen Daines and new comer Diany Samba-Bandza.

I have a soft spot for shows like this: Mix one part spaceship with a rowdy crew, some action, and a dash of some alien worlds, and you get stories like Dark Matter, Firefly, Outcasts, and so forth. This one looks like it’s got a fun cast of characters and an entertaining story. A bit like Guardians of the Galaxy meets Prison Break meets Killjoys. 

While the show originally premiered on Sky One, it will make its way across the Atlantic to stream on Peacock. Telecommunications giant Comcast owns both Sky One and NBC-Universal, so bringing it to a new audience via an in-house streaming service makes perfect sense.


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