The Final Quiet Place Part II Trailer Shows Us the Horror’s Past and Future

The first A Quiet Place film dropped audiences right in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world where making noise of any kind would draw the attention of deadly alien creatures. While its sequel will continue where the story left off, this trailer also gave us an extended look at what the world used to be.

Spoilers for A Quiet Place below.
In the climax of the first movie, Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) sacrificed himself to the aliens to keep his children safe.  The new trailer starts by flashing back to a time where he could loudly shop for oranges at his local convenience store. While he’s ringing up his items, he catches a news report about an explosion. A few moments later, Lee and his daughter are desperately running for their lives from alien invaders. The end of the world had officially begun.

During the rest of the trailer, we see the rest of the Abbot family, led by Emily Blunt’s Evelyn, struggling to survive a variety of deadly situations. When we last saw them, they had figured out a way to make the aliens vulnerable enough to kill. Now they’ll try to team up with Cillian Murphy’s Emmett and an unnamed character played by Djimon Hounsou to keep hope alive in this nightmarish world. All of the action scenes look just as tense as the first, and aim to take full advantage of the deadly noise premise.

While it’s great that we’re going to get flashbacks that will give us more of Lee, the sequel is teasing the answer to an extremely exciting question: “Can humanity come back from the brink of alien annihilation now that it has a way to fight back?” The determined look on a shotgun-wielding Evelyn’s face seems to suggest that all hope is not lost.


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