New Six Second Clip of Daniel Henny as al’Lan Mandragoran in Amazon’s Wheel of Time

Although the release date is yet to be announced, Amazon continues to whet our appetites for the The Wheel of Time series with little amuse-bouche size clips of our favorite characters. Last time it was Moiraine, so it’s only fitting that Lan would be next. Daniel Henny looks fantastic in the part, and even the angle of the camera favors Lan’s self-possessed body language and stern demeanor.

“You think you know this world,” Lan says as he appears on screen, fire blazing behind him. His eyes flick up to an unseen opponent. “You know nothing.” A flash of sword is all we get for now, and, as some Twitter commenters have noted, it would have been nice to have had a few more seconds for the move to follow through. Still, what we can see of Daniel Henney’s costume looks great, and of course there is the delight of Lan’s hairstyle and signature leather cord around his forehead.

We can’t help but wonder who he is talking to. It could be Rand, of course. Or perhaps, given the suggestion that the first season might focus primarily on Moiraine, this could be from before she even made it to Rand—a flashback to when she and Lan first met. It would be fascinating to see younger Moiraine earn Lan’s loyalty on screen.

Who do you think Lan is speaking to? And who, or what, is his unseen opponent?


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