Game of Thrones Director Alan Taylor Is Adapting Stone Junction

Thor: The Dark World and Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor has found a new project to helm—a television adaptation of Jim Dodge’s 1990 novel Stone Junction, described as a coming-of-age fantasy set in a “mythologized 80s California.”

Deadline reports that Taylor has signed up to helm the series, which will be produced by Starlight Media, the company behind the movie Crazy Rich Asians and a forthcoming adaptation of R.F. Kuang’s Poppy War series. It will be written by Kalen Egan and Travis Sentell,  the two writers behind Amazon’s Philip K. Dick projects, The Man in the High Castle and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. 

The series will be based on Dodge’s 1990 novel, about a man named Daniel Pearse, born on the road to a wayward mother. He encounters a man representing a secretive, counter-culture society known as the Alliance of Magicians and Outlaws, which is made up of “a historical alliance of the mildly felonious, misfits, anarchists, shamans, earth mystics, gypsies, magicians, mad scientists, dreamers, and other socially marginal souls.” The novel follows his life and training as he learns how to be a magician after his mother is murdered, which brings him along on a strange quest through America that could change the course of the future.

Taylor noted that the book is “a classic hero’s tale set in world that is as real as a trailer park but as fantastical as a galaxy far, far away.”

“It’s as if Star Wars took place in 1984 Bakersfield and the Jedi were a ragged bunch of con artists and criminals. It portrays nothing less than the battle for the soul of the future — and it could not be more timely for our current troubled world.”

There’s no word on a variety of details about the series just yet—where it will end up, who will star in it, and when we will get to see it.


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