Okay, F9, That’s Not Quite What We Meant by “Space,” But We’ll Take It

A new Fast & Furious trailer is always reason to celebrate. The second trailer for F9 could never have the impact of the first one, which revealed that the enigmatic and wonderful snack fan Han (Sung Kang) is still alive. (Don’t ask questions.) #JusticeForHan was a longstanding cry among Han’s many fans, but I’d wager that few of us really dared to believe he’d come back.

But he did! And he snacks as beautifully as ever! And so the franchise had to step it up another notch for the second trailer by bringing in the long-teased trip to space.

Back in 2017, screenwriter Chris Morgan said he wanted to challenge the idea that the Fast & Furious movies couldn’t go to space. We had some ideas about how that could be managed, each more absurd than the next, as is tradition in this series. In the new trailer, though, Roman and Tej are in … spacesuits? Homemade spacesuits? And they’re sort of in space. Probably on a technicality. They drove their car just a little bit outside of our atmosphere. I guess. I’m neither a scientist nor a car thief, so just spitballing here.

But I want like SPACE space. Fast cars among the stars! I know you can do it, Chris Morgan. Director Justin Lin (Fast 3, 4, 5, and 6; Star Trek Beyond) has done some excellent space action. And maybe you’re just saving it for the full film. I have so much faith in this series that even though it seems like this trailer shows a lot of the film’s action sequences, I trust that I’ll be surprised by the final product. Which has magnets. And maybe “space.”

Vin Diesel and fam will fight Dom’s secret brother John Cena when F9 hits theaters on June 25th. Get your Coronas ready.


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