Star Trek: Lower Decks Drops Trailer and Announces Season Two Premiere Date

Paramount’s Star Trek First Contact Day has featured a number of live panels, and tons of updates on their projects, so it was only a matter of time before we got an update on the animated hit series Lower Decks. Not only did we get a cute sneak peek of what’s to come, but we’ve also got a premiere date.

The trailer shows us how the crew of the Cerritos is getting along after all the events in last year’s season finale, and also how Boimler is getting along following his promotion to the bridge of the USS Titan. The answer to that query is… not too great, which is bound to have some repercussions for the upcoming season. How else will he get to see his pals again?

A flurry of “sci-fi stuff”—as Mariner calls it—sails by our screens to give us an idea of what the Cerritos might be facing soon, and we’ve got a premiere date locked! In addition, fans were informed that the series has already been renewed for a third season, so we can expect much more from this crew going forward.

Lower Decks will return this summer: Thursday, August 12th.

If you want to check out the Lower Decks panel for yourself, it will eventually be uploaded on the Paramount+ YouTube Channel.


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