Supergirl Will Save the World From a Superpowered Lex in Her Final Season |

Supergirl Will Save the World From a Superpowered Lex in Her Final Season

After fighting against legions of evil aliens, twisted humans, and a rocky first season on CBS, it looks like Supergirl’s final opponent will be Lex Luthor. The two will clash for the last time before the show flies off into the sunset. Though the new trailer for the final season indicates that Supergirl will have to put a lot on the line if she wants to claim one more victory.

Where the last season ended

The fifth season ended with a costly win for the heroes. After Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Dreamgirl struggled to defeat Ancient Elemental villains, Brainiac 5 brought himself to the brink of death to seal the bad guys away in a container. Once the conflict was over, Lex Luthor rushed in and took the containment bottle for himself to use for his next evil plan. Brainy was left clinging to life alone and far from allies.

Fortunately for Brainy fans, the hero looks completely fine and ready for another fight in the season 6 trailer. But not everything looks great for the good guys. It appears that Lex used the containment unit he stole from Brainy to give himself superpowers. Whatever he’s planning next, it will affect half the Earth (on the low end) and the entire universe if he completely gets his way. Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Alex Danvers, M’gann, Brainy, and Dreamer will all step up to fight him. At this point, it’s unclear if characters like Winn, James Olsen, and Cat Grant will return for one final appearance before the end.

Although the trailer heavily suggests that Supergirl might give her life to stop Lex’s plan, it seems doubtful that they would let another hero die just after Green Arrow gave his life. Hopefully, they’ll let Kara either retire or fly off to another planet for a while. Because while Supergirl hasn’t always been a consistent show, it’s always tried to impart strong messages and produce heartwarming moments. Even if her stories can’t continue, it would be nice if CW left the door open for Kara to fly by on its many, many other shows in the future.


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