The CW’s Batwoman Recasts Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane With Krypton’s Wallis Day

Batwoman is getting a new Batwoman—sort of. Krypton‘s Wallis Day has been cast to take over actor Ruby Rose’s character Kate Kane, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The news comes as the character has been reintroduced to the series after vanishing prior to the start of Season 2.

The story of Batwoman has become a bit complicated: the series debuted in 2019, with Rose taking on the titular role of Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin who takes on the role of Batwoman after he mysteriously vanishes. Rose played the character for the entire first season of the series, but while the series was renewed for a second season, she abruptly dropped out of the series, later citing the difficulties of playing the lead in an action-heavy series.

Following her departure, The CW announced that Javicia Leslie would now lead the show, but the character wasn’t being recast: rather, Kate Kane would vanish, and Leslie’s character, Ryan Wilder would step into the role, and work to figure out what happened to her predecessor.

With this last weekend’s episode, “Survived Much Worse,” we found out what had happened to her: she’d been captured by a supervillain named Safiyah (played by Shivani Ghai), and had been horrifically injured in a plane crash, and was shown in the episode covered in bandages.

Now, it looks like Kate Kane will be returning to the series in some form, although now portrayed by Day. Further complicating things, Rose had previously indicated that she’d be open to returning to the series in some form, although she noted that it likely wouldn’t happen because “I don’t think it would serve the story, because I think building the new Batwoman is more important than going back too far into Kate Kane.”

How far Batwoman opts to go back into the story of Kate Kane remains to be seen, but the series will be back for a third season next year.


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