This Mandalorian Cosplay Is Next Level

There are a lot of brilliant cosplayers out there. People craft costumes and props that are absolute works of art—precisely made, awe-inspiringly accurate.

But a cosplayer who goes by “JustAyaal” has gone one step further and created not just an excellent Mando costume, but also a giant replica of the Razor Crest.

There are two short videos on Ayaal’s YouTube page: One teaser for the project, and one called “The Mandalorian Project — BEGINNING,” which certainly seems to suggest there will be further videos documenting the now-completed process. (Unfortunately, none of the Tor dot team speaks Russian, so we can’t tell you what’s being said.)

But the gold is on Instagram, where you can get the full effect: ship, costume, and, of course, Baby Yoda:

Ayaal and his team have been documenting the process for a few months; you can watch the ship develop from a spare wood frame into its final form.

Of course, it doesn’t fly, but the door opens, which is already impressive as hell. And the cockpit is full of lights and levers; these guys clearly paid attention to detail.

The Mandalorian is expected to return for its third season on Disney+ next year, with The Book of Boba Fett coming in December to tide us over (and doubtless offer many new inspirations for cosplayers).


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