Alexandre Aja’s Netflix Film Oxygen Looks Terrifying

Imagine you wake up, only to find yourself trapped in a cryogenic unit. Worse, you don’t know how you got there. Even worse, you see that you’re quickly running out of air. That’s the premise of Alexandre Aja’s (The Hills Have Eyes) new film for Netflix, Oxygen.

The streaming service just released its first teaser trailer for the project, which is set to debut on May 12th.

The film (originally called O2) has been in the works for a couple of years: Anne Hathaway was originally slated to star in the project, and last year, Noomi Rapace joined the film, with Franck Khalfoun (Amityville: The Awakening) chosen to direct. The project underwent further changes midway through the year (seemingly because of the COVID-19 lockdowns), Aja replaced Khalfoun, and Mélanie Laurent (6 Underground) replaced Rapace.

The film follows a woman who awakens inside a medical cryogenic unit, only to find that she not only doesn’t remember how she got there or who she is, but that time is running out. As we see in the trailer, it looks like claustrophobic horror story as she works to figure out how she got into the predicament, and how she’s going to escape.

The film will debut on Netflix on May 12th.


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