Mat’s Dagger Appears in New Teaser From The Wheel of Time TV Show

Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time TV show has released a new video teaser!

We won’t stand in your way here. Check it out below.

In case you can’t see the video, the WoTonPrime Twitter account also included a text description, as follows:

The video starts with ominous sounds over a black screen, then a script page that’s mostly blurred appears. The visible line reads “And inside, he sees something protected from the ravages of time – a ruby-encrusted dagger”. The script dissolves to show a dark hallway inside a massive stone structure. A dim light shines through a window, showing rubble lying on the floor. We then see a man’s hands opening a gold box. From the box, he removes the dagger as a voice says “Alright, let’s make a deal.” The video then ends with a shot of something mysterious that quickly fades to black.

For the curious, this is a VERY formative moment for Mat’s character, and this particular dagger goes on to cause a lot of undue issues for our heroes. To know any more, well, you’ll have to read The Eye of the World (or read through our first reader Sylas Barrett’s encounter with it!).

Or read the comments below, heh! Spoilers ahead, of course.


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