Revealing The Blue-Spangled Blue by David Bowles

Humanity stands at a crossroads….

We’re pleased to share the cover of The Blue-Spangled Blue, book one  of The Path—a new science fiction series from David Bowles, publishing March 16th with Castle Bridge Media.

Humanity stands at a crossroads. Our next steps will either lead us over a precipice or elevate us to enlightenment. It is a crucial time, when the actions of every person matter. A single family could tip the balance.

This is the story of that family. If we follow in their footsteps, we will walk along… The Path.

Jitsu. Once the center of human expansion into distant space, this world was isolated for the better part of a century, a theocratic government rising to fill the void left by its former corporate owners. Now, as Jitsu begins to open itself to the rest of humanity, Brando D’Angelo di Makomo accepts a teaching position on the arid planet. He finds himself drawn to controversial architect Tenshi Koroma and her religious reform movement. As he learns more about Tenshi’s faith—The Path—Brando decides to accept its tenets, to shatter his identity and rebuild himself so that he can be worthy of a soul.

But the dogmatic struggles on Jitsu are a mask for the machinations of a diabolical mind, and the professor’s life will be forever altered by the cruelty of Tenshi’s enemies. In the aftermath, Brando will find a deadly new Way along The Path. And his steps will echo throughout history.

Cover art by Estudio Tlalli; Design by In Churl Yo

The Blue-Spangled Blue is a densely woven tapestry populated with interesting characters and a tense, twisted plot. The world-building alone is breathtaking. Recommended for fans of The Expanse or District 9.” —Stina Leicht, Campbell Award-nominated author of Persephone Station

David Bowles is a Mexican American author and translator from south Texas. Among his many award-winning titles are Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths of Mexico; The Smoking Mirror; and They Call Me Güero. His work has been published in multiple anthologies, plus venues such as The New York Times, Strange Horizons, Apex Magazine, The Dark, Latin American Literature Today, School Library Journal, Rattle, Translation Review, and the Journal of Children’s Literature. Additionally, David has worked on several TV/film projects, including Victor and Valentino (Cartoon Network), the Moctezuma & Cortés miniseries (Amazon/Amblin) and Monsters and Mysteries in America (Discovery).


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