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M. Night Shyamalan’s Old Presents a Different Kind of Body Horror

What happens when you combine body horror with the existential fear of growing up? You’ll get something like M Night Shyamalan’s Old. A recently-released trailer shows that the famous horror director is following the story of the movie’s graphic novel source material pretty closely… but we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an extra twist along the way.

The graphic novel that Old is based on is called Sandcastle. In the story, a group of incredibly unlucky people accidentally find themselves on a beach that makes them age faster. Children become teens, adults age out of control and readers lose sleep thinking of what would happen if they stepped their toes into that time bending sand. The graphic novel’s haunting imagery and mysterious story probably made it irresistible to Shyamalan.

Within Old’s 30 second trailer we see a lot of people freaking out as well as hints of body horror. And while it’s unclear how or if any of the beachgoers will Survive, we did catch a glimpse at some of the cast. Rufus Sewell, who recently played John Smith in The Man in the High Castle, Jojo Rabbit‘s Thomasin McKenzie and Gael García Bernal of Mozart in the Jungle fame are all slated to appear. One of the most exciting actors Shyamalan brought in is Alex Wolff—his incredible turn in Hereditary proved that he could definitely handle strong horror material.

Shyamalan certainly has the cast and a solid mystery to work with for Old. We’ll see if he can stick the landing and hit us with another legendary twist when the movie arrives on July 23.


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