Latest Trailer for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Shows Off an Intense Staring Contest

During last night’s Superbowl, Marvel released a new trailer for its next big series for Disney+, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, showing that we can not only expect plenty of action, but some great banter between the show’s title characters.

The first trailer for the series debuted back in December, revealing a tense action-thriller in the vein of the Captain America films, with a couple of hints at the plot: Baron Helmut Zumo (played by Daniel Brühl) is back after the events of Captain America: Civil War, in which he was able to get the various members of the Avengers to fight against one another, in revenge for their role in the Battle of Sokovia.

In this new trailer, it looks as though Zemo hasn’t given up on his distaste of superheroes: “superheroes… cannot be allowed to exist. I have no intention to leave my work unfinished.” To that end, it looks as though he’s collected a small army of fellow soldiers, and that they’re causing some problems for the United States.

In the meantime, we see that Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) are getting along swimmingly, to the point where they’re ordered into some conflict-resolution counseling. They’re also joined by another familiar face from the MCU: Sharon Carter, who came to Captain America’s aid a couple of times previously. Along the way, there’s plenty of action and gunfights.

The series was originally slated to premiere in 2020 as the debut MCU series for Disney+, but that was before the COVID-19 pandemic stymied Hollywood’s production schedule. The show reentered production late last year, while WandaVision became the first series out the gate on the streaming service. Loki is the next series slated for release on the service in May, and will eventually be followed by a bigger slate of original shows, including Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Secret Invasion, Ironheart, and Armor Wars.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres on Disney+ on March 19th.


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