Apocalypse Comedy Save Yourselves! in Development as a TV Series

Last year, the world was invaded by murder tribbles. At least that’s what happened in the sci-fi horror comedy Save Yourselves!, which follows a Brooklyn couple whose attempt to unplug for a weekend is rather dramatically interrupted by a peculiar alien invasion.

As part of a deal between Universal Television and production company Keshet Studios, Save Yourselves! is in development as a TV series.

It’s not clear yet if writer-directors Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson are involved in the project. Save Yourselves! premiered at Sundance last year and was released on streaming in October to generally positive reviews. (You can currently watch it via Hulu and an assortment of online rental outlets.) As Emmet Asher-Perrin wrote in their review:

The style of humor and the genre it occupies made it just as likely that this would be a story we’ve seen before many times in science fiction—one where the urbanites, slaves to their technological devices and egoist careers, find that none of their skills matter whatsoever in an apocalypse. And to some extent, this is true; at one point Jack says that when this invasion is over and things go back to normal, he’s going to help “rebuild the internet” like that’s a viable exercise that anyone will care about in the aftermath of global disaster. We’re meant to laugh at the ways that Jack and Su navigate this impossible ordeal. But at the same time, the film refuses to prioritize the flip side of this narrative, the idea that the only people who will survive a doomsday are the ones with machetes and survivalist training and a just-me-and-mine attitude.

There’s no word yet on casting or release date.


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